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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for what might be a big clog in the tunnels under bloomingdale and ladroit park. >> weed detroit. >> reporter: d.c. water deployedvo cameras to inspect all 90,000 square feet of tunnels. some tunnels so large that crews can walk through them n. some spots, the video shows things are very clear. in other locations, you can so what appeared to be roots and other debris. this blockage is coming from a home sewage lot. >> and this is coming from a service and this is in this line here. >> reporter: unfortunately for the people who lived through this flooding for decades, officially -- especially after several strong summer storms recently, no major clog has been found yet. >> we almost wish we would find one and solve it and get moving on it. we haven't found it. have not found obstructions in the system. >> reporter: d.c. water is trying to come up with simple
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ideas and with something to do past. -- fast. one idea is to use part of the sidewalk as a drainingage area and another is passing out rain barrels to what you see here, the trash can. the rain would run off someone's roof into a barrel and would never make it into the street. >> and go from the manhole, m- 30, 629 and to upstream. >> reporter: the search underground continues. special equipment is being used to clear this type of minor debris and as d.c. water looks for a major clog, they fear the true problem is capacity. too much rain at one time. >> and we're fully mobile otherwised and determined to find a solution. >> reporter: in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. speaking of which, the rain started with heavy rain and sue palka cais in the weather center now. >> reporter: we need to be after what happened this morning. not everyone got rain. we had a couple of 100s in most areas and a deluge to the south
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and golf ball-sized hail early this morning. we'll start with radar, though, so you can see what is going on at the moment. sorry, we can't ditch the humidity just yet. it's still very tropical feeling and at the moment, what we have around is way out there and just northwest of capon street streams. i saw a flash of lightning and that is not moving quickly. you might get heavy rain out of that and that is building, by the way. that is about the only thing. right now, i want to take you back in time six hours and we were not expecting this kind of deluge. we're talking about six, seven, eight inches of rain in some spots and that two-inch sized hail from roadsville in orange county, virginia. they had large hail as well and this is an estimate of what fell, chording to doctor. two areas of spotlight down here as you look through culpepper county and into spotsylvania county. two 1/2 to three inches of rain. you know where it was worse? to the beaches and through
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lower southern maryland, the salisburyiary. we had six, seven-inch rain totals, averages and that was excessive. when you add it in, what they had last night, this is a 12- hour estimate, they pushing eight inches in many of the reasons. -- regions. looks like things settled down overnight, isolated storm at 7:00 to the west and 81 degrees and one benefit, at least it was cooler and we'll have some clouds overnight, a patch or two of fog. i have great news coming, brian. we have a humidity best or the weather maps and i will let you know when to expect it in a few minutes. to charlotte where president obama is to take the stage at the democratic national convention. his address comes after a long list of political star power rallied behind the re-election campaign. first lady michelle obama wowed delegates, dignitariys and voters with his speech. and then castro made history as the first latino to give a
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keynote speech. former president bill clinton brought down the house for four more years and that might be a tough act to follow. tom fitzgerald has more. we know they moved the speech indoors have they worked out who is going in and who is not? >> the word came down that the delegates, attendees and those who had credentials for the convention were going to get into the building and they don't have enough room to accommodate the extra 60,000 people expected to attend the speech in the carolina panthers football stadium, scheduled for tonight and look at this. >> reporter: tonight at the convention, the foo fighters. president obama made his first appearance at the convention last night and following president clinton's speech and remains mostly out of sight
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today. the former clinton speech writer told fox 5 morning news that while bill clinton highlighted what was wrong with the economy when barack obama took office, tonight, it's up to the current president to explain where he will take the country from here. >> he has to embrace his own accomplishents. -- accomplishments. i think you have seen them like patrick and doing that, explaining to the public and what happened. he needs to embrace it and give the litany of the things he's done, but do it in a way that leverages or becomes a point of leverage for what he's going to do. >> and secretary of state hillary clinton is literally on the other side of the world while this is going off. she's on a diplomatic mission and said that she's been reading the last few eeks versions of the husband's speech and got a big laugh today when she said she was going to look forward to comparing the written version
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of the speech with one that was delivered last night and the written version had about 3,000 words, clocked in at 20 minutes long. as you know, the delivered version was more than 5,000 words long b48 minutes in length. >> and president clinton not wanting to stick to the speech for sure. and tom fitzgerald. i a police officer who may have made threatening remarks against first lady michelle obama won't be prosecuted. the officer was accused of threatening the first lady in july. the department is now looking into the this. >> now it's back in our hands and our internal affairs is handling an administrative investigation. >> you consider it poor judgement or a potential threat? >> can't comment on it yet. >> the unnamed officer is still working while the investigation continues. a beloved reverend and d.c. resident getting kicked out of his house. he is the pastor in northwest, the church the first in the district to serve a
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predominantly lesbian, transgender and gay. he is being denied a mortgage modification and is being kicked out. many marched to the bank of america loan office demanding the reverend get its home back. >> bank of america has such a terrible track record of working with home owners. after we bailed them out. just talk to the guy, work something out. allow him to stay in the home. >> organizers say that he is under stress and is in the hospital. still ahead here on the edge,eration the rates on the dulles toll road. tonight. and amazon on fire takes the gadget world by storm. >> and the nats are absolutely tearing the cover off of the baseball those days to a record pace. plus, we're getting closer and closer to kickoff. the redskins getting ready to roll out their ferrari and crank it up in the big easy of
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new orleans. can they keep pace? later in sports. >> if you have a story idea, call us and shot us an e-mail.  i'm barack obama, and i apapproe this message.  mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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. drivers may havesho toshell out more money. a public hearing is underway. the first of three scheduled hearings. maureen umeh is live with details now. maureen? >> reporter: brian, the money will go to finance metro's plan to silver line the metropolitan washington airports authority is building the line and what they're considering, what they both cons, in effect, double what you're paying on the toll roads and you'll be paying $4.50 by 2015, as you might expect and that is very unpopular proposal. let's show you video of what we're talking about here. many believe the toll proposal might be a done deal and because the $1.3 million in toll road revenue, and bonds
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have been issued. why not have the meetings, if they have to be paid. the authorities hosting the meetings to solicit feedback on the toll hike. the comments are put into a detailed report to be provided to the committee in october and the full board in notify. -- november. many say the toll is unfair and to nearby road creating more of a traffic nightmare. >> and the way it's being done is to minimize the public interaction and that is not going to help us to go from 1,000 a year for most users to up to 8,000 a year over the income 40 -- the next 40 years. >> and that is one of the many dissent ising things and we'll
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have more later and we'll bring that to you later tonight. that is the latest maureen umeh, fox 5 news. still ahead on the news edge. >> it's official can you see anything in washington. lady georgia's famous dress made of meat has arrived and where it's on display coming up. and someone forgot to double check the list. the hot air plan this festival and still tied to a van used to set it up. for a few seconds, the van was off of the ground and pulled a few feet. no one was hurt and everyone had a good laugh. a good laugh.
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there is a new exhibit in d.c. opening to the public tomorrow and that is your one chance to see a bit of music history in person. >> reporter: this city with museums, and you rarely see something like this. >> and officially nicknamed the beef jerky dress here. >> reporter: the dress made of meat that lady georgia wore to the -- lady gaga wore to the mtv awards in 2010. the boots are here, too. for the record, it's argentinean steak. >> it had to be dehydrated and conserved and has been painted a little bit by artists who tried to recreate the original color of the garment. >> reporter: gaga's point, if you don't speak your mind, you will have no more power than a piece of meat. it's one slice of rock history on display at the national museum of women in the arts and is called women who rocks. vig, passion, power. >> my title here as chief curator, i nicknamed my the chief fan. look at all of the objects. >> reporter: it's organized by
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the rock and rome hall of fame. this is -- rock'n'roll hall of fame and from marisa. >> and -- >> to the girl groups of the 60s. >> this is one of the favorite cases and that is an exuberant, glamorous 1980s. >> including madonna. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and lyrics hand written by janet jackson. >> you might expect in the world of rock'n'roll, the outfits would get emmyier overtime and sometimes they do and look at this fox fur stole worn by billie holiday in the day and tells you something about the politics of the time. >> and that is something that not anyone would do with a lot of forethought and that is
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stylish and glamorous at the time. and that is why she chose it. >> this is billie and gaga. >> this is a piano that lady gaga's grandparents gave to her parents. >> family photos, too. >> and to the right, looks like lady gaga today. >> reporter: the exhibit is here through january 6th. the music goes on forever in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. looks like from route 54 to 110th flooded out. >> and that is not only there but saint mary's county and that is heavy and some huge hail, too and that is volatile. remnants of isaac moving through and that is what can request happen. -- what can happen. it took awhile but the sun is back with the cloud cover and the showers and that is
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preventing us from getting hot and that is still tropically humid and we're going to do something about that here the next few days and check out the rain again through lower portions of the del marva and that is the last six hours and what we have left here is a few stragglers and we're going to keep isolated showers and storms in the forecast and most of us are not seeing anything and that is where the tail end of the line is and charlotte with some thunderstorms, to and to the west, one of those long- live clusters setting up south of of saint louis and so where this is by 10:00 and we'll watch that and when they tend to stay together for many hours and that is not headed to d.c. and that is still humid. 79 for fredericksburg, fredericksburg got hit heard and -- had the hard and as we look at the humidity, the dew
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points make it so easy to judge where we are in terms of humidity and 71 in is uncomfortable. the dew point at 75 and in frederick; 73 in gatherburg and that is why -- gaithersburg. that is why the storms drop such heavy rain and flash flooding is a concern. and for tonight, 72 degrees and light south winds with patchy fog again and some temperatures in the 60s. friday, another hot one, about 90 degrees and with a spotty storm around and the good stuff is coming in after saturday. by 91, 85 degrees and that is dropping a bit. and that is still hot. isolated storm at 5:00 with a temperature of 89 degrees. the relief is coming in after the front passes a spy on
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saturday and get your head around tomorrow and at or 90 degrees in most places. the weekend, saturday, about 85 degrees and that strong front is powering on through the area and could be some strong, maybe some severe storms on saturday with wind and sunday looks glorious. and we think they're going to clear out by saturday night and on to sunday's temperature byity, a real nice trend into town. giving you a quick look at the future cast and you can see what that is going to look like and we're taking them out of up to tonight. isolated showers and storms and this is that powerful front and in the western suburbs, swings through about 6 or 7:00 and a skinny line. look at the clearing behind it and that is a nice deal. check out the accuweather seven- day forecast and once we're on sunday, we have full-on
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wonderful bonus september weather rolling in to town and that is -- that is going to be beautiful. a couple of isolated storms and a better chance on saturday and that is a brief interruption. be aware of it in the afternoon. >> got it. >> thank you, sue. a consumer alert for techies. the latest kindle fire tablet and e reader unveiled. it cost 199 bucks and that is about half 69 price of the cheapest ipad. and nokia and microsoft are time outing their new smart phone, the lumia920. it runs on the latest and rolls off of the tongue, doesn't it? and that is running on the latest system and noskia has the cheap every mid-range model and some predict that this might be nokia's last shot at reclaiming a market lost to apple, samsung, and google. coming up, one night after a historic offensive show. can the nats do it again? dave ross has the latest after
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the break. and living on a prayer across the busy highway in toronto. the mother -- quickly go to dodge skiing cars, trucks, and a motorcycle. after few minutes of a nightmare, the family made it safe. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ?
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wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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. >> hello, can you believe it? the redskins will roll off in new orleans against the saints, and he has been handed the keys to the offense and we'll see how that drives the first time come sunday and there is some question marks. rg3 needs to show he's more than a rookie qb. the skins will get a chance to figure that out against the
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number 24th ranked defense from 2011, and it's the redskins d that may have the hardest attack on sunday and passing in the overall offense and despite this, neither is shying away from the challenge. >> and you have big receivers and fast receivers. as a hole, we have to do a good job tackling. they going to move the ball on us and if we can do a good job to minimum games, we have a chance. >> and we feel pressure on ourselves to score on every drive and that is our goal. and we're going to score no matter what we do. >> and the giants looking to defense the giants and this is with tony romo and in the second quarter, and who is
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this? from uva and -- fourth quarter now and with that 7-point lead and dates a kardashian and there he goes, 34 yards for the score and cowboys win on the road, 24-17 and nats are living a dream these days and they have a magic number of 19 and that is still hard to believe that they closing in on the division title and post season baseball. i digress and in d.c., they're all smiles and the bottom of the third, and to a roger bern an deana home run and with that 16th of the year. the second home and start your tally now. and he has been great. and gave up one hit through five and that is it. breaks up the no no and disappointed without the no no
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and with that three. there it goes, and the second time, upper deck, the 17th home of the year and with that all- time home run list for teenagers and hitting a franchise record, six home runs for the second straight night and the nats and cubs back at it and the os with a huge four- game set at camden yards with the yankees in d.c. and into baltimore right now in baseball. >> and i indeed. thanks for that. you have the news edge and it's also always -- it's always on [ female announcncer ] you wat family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo
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is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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